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  • We provide management and consulting solutions, uniquely designed for your hospitality business


“We are proud to be one of the Nigeria’s leading hotel management companies.”

Purple Plus Hospitality Ltd. is an international management and consulting firm registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC 1617141. Through our personalized approach and high-quality service, we consistently deliver results by leveraging the unique character of independent hotels to create unmatched guest experiences, benefiting guest satisfaction and online reputation scores.

Taking on our best practices and creative strategies, we turn hotels into local market leaders through repositioning and turnaround management.


  • We develop strategies that will lead to quality and the optimization of costs and revenue that you were looking for. Achieve results, improve your reputation, and attain success.
  • We use online hotel marketing in your favour, in order to consolidate your hotel on the market and attain true customer satisfaction.
  • Our consultant helps you to identify the strengths of your business in order to recognize opportunities and set targets aimed at optimizing it.


Our team are true hospitality professionals dedicated to delivering results and improving your real estate investment. Our daily conversations with the hotel management teams are focused around PROFIT QUALITY and PEOPLE in our drive to maximise the owners returns.

You will be moving your hotel forwards with a hotel management company that will value you as a long-term partner delivering solutions which are constantly evaluated with the aim of optimising your profitability and the value of your hotel and estate assets.

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